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Isn't this just delightful? A real beast of a ring, weighing in at over 10g. It's a staple in any collection.

Edwardian 18ct Diamond Keeper Ring

  • Era - Edwardian

    Size - UK R / US  8.75 Please note, due to the thickness of the band this ring fits smaller than it measures on the mandrel, it also fits to a Q / 8.5.

    Dimensions - 4.3mm wide at the back, 11.7mm at the front

    Hallmarks - 18 Chester P (1915) M Bros

    Weight - 10.54g 

    Suitable for Resize - It should be possible to resize this ring, most jewellers recommend no more than 3 sizes up or down.

    Materials - 18ct and diamond

    Other Information - N/A

  • Very good antique condition with light wear commensurate with age. 

All jewellery boxes are for display only, but don't worry we'll ensure your treasure is carefully packaged for you!

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