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We do not offer any guarantee past the point of sale. Our items are sold as seen.


Antique and vintage jewellery is not new and, in some cases, can by its very nature, be more delicate than modern jewellery. We take a great deal of care in selecting pieces, inspecting them and cleaning them. Our description of the products including an item’s condition and total carat weight for gemstones, where listed, are our opinion and an estimate only.


It is your responsibility or that of any individual who takes into use or ownership any product to ensure they have an appropriate awareness of how to care for and clean any product in a manner which would not cause damage to the product.

We cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of any element of any product, including but not limited to, any stones, stone settings, pearls including seed pearls, and their settings, chain / necklace / bracelet links, clasps, glass, metal fatigue.


Your contract with us relates solely to us providing you with the item as described on this website at the time of purchase. Where we suggest in the description that an item should be possible for resizing this acts as a guide only. It remains at the discretion of any jeweller or individual who you ask to undertake such works as to the feasibility of this. We accept no responsibility and you confirm that you will not hold us liable in the event of an item not being able to be altered in any way whatsoever. Any alteration, repair or any other work, including cleaning for aesthetic purposes, by you or an individual that you appoint to undertake this on your behalf, is done so entirely at your own risk.  

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